march 12.2012

First things first. Old music and new music are ON THE WAY. The long overdue EP recorded and produced by Mike Kemp, and a new LP in the works.

Second. Current line up-

Dan Kennedy | vocals.guitar
Jim Hawkes | guitar.vocals
Bill Hinkle | guitar.piano
Ryan Tidwell | bass.cello.vocals
Brendan Bower | drums

So what happened? Our grown-up lives and fatigue fought in a battle to the death. We all wrote our own music for a while, lived in different towns, etc. Clinton is doing great as a solo artist in California. Mike is playing full-time in a well-known cover group, Nimbus 9. Bill wrote some Ryan Adams-esque folk jams and a whole country CD. Brendan wrote some Christian rock. Jim moved to NYC, had a baby and wrote a billion songs in Garageband. Some of the guys recorded some Traces David tunes under the name The Brother Fox (in case you were wondering what that was), but they sound a bit empty in the division. Dan wrote some folk tunes to come out in the future.

Welcome to Ryan Tidwell. He's got great range and plays a multitude of instruments. We're very excited to have him with us.

The next year should be really fun, and we promise to release a ton of music. Hopefully you'll enjoy some of it.